The Transition: Your Summer closet into Fall

The Transition: Your Summer closet into Fall

Stop! Don’t give away that cute little white dress or those to die for culottes! Even though we are saying goodbye to Miss Summer [chorus chimes in to Summertime Sadness] and saying HELLO to forthright Fall, you can still be saved from those pocketbook blues.


All it takes is some amping up of the wardrobe a bit! [ A little layering and accessorizing never hurt anyone]. You can’t argue the fact that making a style trend your own, coming straight out of the boudoir [or your beautifully decorated chambers... for those who missed French class (and thanks @MichaelaOsiecki for the call out :)].


Don’t take it just from me, there are plenty of people out there trying the Create Your Own methods, which will give you a step towards the West Coast trend, perfect remedy for South Central weather. I mean…if Cali girls can pull it off every year, why can’t we?


Ok, so lets start off easy. Go and grab our favorite summer dress [maxi, midi, high low, doesn’t matter], and confidently put your fave black peacoat or leather jacket over it…and voile! You have made your own perfect transitional fall outfit! But wait, we aren’t done yet. [As if I would let you walk out in 50 degrees without any cover on those stems].


Now add some sheet tights with your cute stone colored booties, or for those who chose the knee length floral dress, this will pair well with knitted knee high socks and lace up booties. Wait! Just one more thing…Hello animal print chiffon scarf!



There you are! You’ve mastered your first outfit for the new fall season [roaring applause in the background]. Now, this is just skimming the surface of your newly discovered inner stylist [and maybe a little thanks to Venturepolish]. But Yes! It’s all you girl! Now grab more goodies and layer you hear out!


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