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Double E Podcast Interview: Origin of VPQ + Growing a Brand

Risk with a Hairflip #venture

What is venture? This is what VPQ is about. Growing out of your comfort zone, and going beyond what you think you're capable of, and having the crystals to do it.

  • Yunque Cuff

    Our signature cuff, named after the exquisite rain forest in Puerto Rico. This brass gold cuff is wired with powerful clear quartz crystals giving you that extra strength for any venture.

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  • Peace Not War Pendant

    This pendant is the representation of peace. Taking old gunshells and re-purposing them by inserting a clear quartz stone inside to give it that extra punch of positivity.

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  • Dorado Rose Quartz

    Our signature stones. The stone that founded VPQ. This rose quartz stone has to power to give love and receive love. Keep this one close to your heart.

    *stones vary in size and design.

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