Timeless Fall Outfits

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Now that the leaves have fallen, there's the smell of pumpkin- spiced lattes in the air, and diving cool temperatures, that means it's time to unearth the furs and sweaters from storage, and reveal those layering skills! 
I have put together THE BEST go-to outfits for your November vibes! With vests, felt wide-brimmed hats, and blaket scarves, I'll have you covered [no pun intended] on some no-brainer ideas to style you up for the season!

 1.  A vest isn't a vest without some accents. That's why my go-to for the season is one with a linked chain attachment and a knitted back that extends to the waist line and sinches me in just right. Pairing together with a long sleeve neon yellow pyramid studded button down. This is one of my favorite pops of color for the fall and winter to brighten any dark outfit. And of course we can't do without some ryders patched leggings and beige ankle booties. Muah! Beautiful!


2.If you're looking for a more dressed-down approach but still want to keep it classy, I chose this chiffon double layered  bubble-front quarter sleeved top with a jeweled collar. [If you haven't noticed, I'm a fanatic for collared tops]. This is probably one of my most preferred ensembles to put together because it doesn't take too much effort , but it creates such a sophisticated look. You can take some low-rise skinnies and roll them up at the sweep to give a cropped look, which also gives your legs an elongated appearance with some strappy wedges. Casual yet classy.


 3. Have you ever heard the expression, " a leopard doesn't change it's spots"? Well in fashion that doesn't ring true. Whether it be a handbag, shoes, a top, you will always make an outfit show it's true colors [can't help myself with all of these idioms] with a hint of leopard print it really accentuates any item in your wardrobe. Who knew animal insticts could take over when picking out what to wear.
Just a little bit of edge, topped with a cool professional navy linen blazer. If a blazer doesn't say, "I'm in charge", I don't know what does. Also you can't be without a nice clay colored skinny jean.  I've found that this color if the perfect fall delight, that can be transitioned easily into spring or summer with some peaches and creams. For accessories,  add a statement necklace and some retro shades to really bring out the "cool" in this outfit.


4. Nothing says 70's like a wide-brimmed felt hat and a swing dress. Just like this floral orange with delicate navy flowers paired  with a black sherpa vest, [you know how I am about vests], and some luggage colored leather platforms. This is not only great for warmer fall temperatures, but you can also step it up a notch and add knee high socks, or tights, with some mary janes or booties!
And you can't go throughout this season without a floppy wide or short brimmed hat, it just screams 70s Faye Dunaway.
Check her out: [ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/285063851385928374/ ]


 5. I've always agreed with the fact that the best layered looks show a bit of each garment. Just like these pieces I've put together, it's so wintery with the green and the reds, and there is no shame in my game when wearing white jeans. The labor day fashion laws are no longer being abided by, so go ahead, wear those summer jeans! The brighter the better [not kidding], because fall and winter outfits aren't about the charcoal greys or the muddy browns by themselves anymore. That's why I love this outfit with the flannel sleeves peeking through, layered with a lightweight utility cargo jacket with a tie that sinches the waist, adding that feminine appeal. Oh! And don't forget the Steve Madden lace up booties that are always a great addition to a stylishly smart outfit.


 6. I know I said 5 outfits, but I couldn't resist putting this lovely ensemble in along with the bunch! Furs, furs, furs, [faux of course]. I cannot have enough of them. I think it's the fact that they are such cozy pieces that give such an elegant vibe to any outfit. You could walk out in pajamas to a party with a nice fur vest or jacket on, and no one would even blink an eye. [Unless you decided to wear a onsie...please don't]. To dress this down a bit, I have paired the fur cardigan [ favorite piece I've bought from Milk and Honey so far] with a dainty suede t-shirt dress [ thanks Brandy Melville] and my Steve Madden lace-ups. It's such an easy throw on and go outfit for the busy socialite.


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