"Boots, booties, ankle boots, combat, hiking, whatever you want to call them, boots will always make an edgy fashion statement!" -Michelle E. H.

The clouds are hovering, the wind is getting colder, lets face it, your trojan sandals and peek-toe kitty heels aren't going to be weather worthy for your feet for too long. That's why I have compiled a good list of in-season top picks for those who don't enjoy the heels and would rather experience a nice walk through the breezy cold in some chunky heeled boots or flat army ones. And trust me, I'm not talking about construction-wearing-jackhammer boots. I'll give you your fix right here:

Steve Madden- TROOPA2-0 supple black leather boots that give you the full on 90's appeal paired with a simple black midi T-shirt dress anda plaid button down long sleeve wrapped around the waist for a complete look. Retail Price: $109.95

What about a nice and comfortable hiker boot? Steven Madden presents to you, the Gobbin. No, not Goblin, Gobbin. It's a classic hiker boot meets 80's punk rocker. Made of Nubuck leather, this will not only give you a new Fall edge, but will last you through the New Year! Retail Price: $99.95

Oh, but then there is Sam Edelman, a man after my own heart. After a slight interval, her has returned with full force! After recently been named brand of the year by Footwear New, Sam Edelman has a classic beauty; and her name is Kammie. For $150 retail, this baby can be yours to rule the streets with some serious attitude!

If you're pairing them with a high-low maxi and a jean jacket, or even with some skinnies and slouchy sweater, Kammie's hard-core-yet-sexy block heeled look, sends a message of confidence from across a parking lot!

​​Now that you know what's out there, do me a favor, and don't be sucked into the same old UGG boots from last year, Go Rugged!

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