Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight

Artista Ray Bans:
Wow! Texas weather sure has a sense of humor. Sunny, with an 80+ degree breeze, and a slight five-minute overcast...and it's November!

Darn those eye-sizzling sunsets during 5:00pm rush hour! Why can't there be a cool looking sunglass that wouldn't have to take over my whole face just to keep the Fall back time-zoned sun rays out of my eyes! Well not to worry, there is a recommended Super Shade that will take care of the looks and the functionality.

The Ray Ban Aviator Flash Lenses {style RB3025 112/19 58-14} is the epitome of fashion statements. Stunning color, and lenses that have a tremendous shine in the wonder you get stares walking into the local Fresh Market, making you feel empowered. Not only that, they are FUN! With artista metal blue green lens color, it's guaranteed to brighten your look while dimming the light, relaxing those cute little pupils of yours.

It's all about a lightweight and snug fitting Ray Ban that you could wear with any outfit to pack that extra reminiscent summer punch! These aviators are more than flattery, it's a new expression. So, instead of wearing the pair of pink floral wayfarers you bought from Target for that summer float trip, invest in the Aviator Flash; leaving you with an attitude that's bold, brave, and beautiful.


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