How To Use Your Rose Quartz Pendant To It's Full Potential

How To Use Your Rose Quartz Pendant To It's Full Potential

Do you have a Rose Quartz pendant? VPQ was founded on the foundation of quartz and stone crystals, with the signature quartz stone being the Rose Quartz. We use only the rawest forms of stones because we don't want to take away from the energy it already holds, which can assist with giving love and receiving love.

Don't get me wrong! A glossy stone always looks nice, but the process of tossing and turning the stones to make them shiny and new takes away some optimal energies. Quartz stones are healing stones, that's why we keep our stones as raw as possible, sourcing them from sustainable and fair trade partners.

Crystals are found in mountains...huge formations that are shifted on the earth's crust. Through the cracks, hydrothermal fluids run through the fractures and dissolve minerals, which are cooled in the cracks and with the right amount of pressure and time, crystal stones are formed...Now that we got the "sciencey" stuff out of the way, how do you maintain and utilize the energies from your precious stone?

First, we loooove Moon cleansing. For the moon children, this will be your favorite thing to do. During a full moon lit night, take your crystal out on your patio and lay it under the moonlight, the moon shifts tides and is on it's own a full on energetic being for 4.5 billion years, orbiting earth to this day...thank goodness. SO if you feel like your rose pendant has been in the presence or was touched by someone who maybe doesn't have the best aura about them, then this is your solution. Just over night is all it takes!

Another favorite cleanse is the sunlight cleanse. This is a little different for those who have independent stones, you can place your loose stones in a cup of water with a pinch of Himalayan salt and leave them for 48 hours. Works great on Quartz and Amethyst.

Last but not least, cleansing your stones with other crystals. Like the clear quartz stones is a phenomenal stone to use to clear any negative energies or muddled energies you can't quite seem to get out of your stone. Lay your clear quartz (small or large, but with smaller use multiple) near your stone that needs some TLC and leave for 24 hours.

These sessions not only cleanse but charge your crystals too! You'll be able to feel the charge when you clutch the stone in the palm of your hand afterwards and start to feel pulsating vibrations. Yes, very subtle at first but when you are sitting in a quiet position, using your breath, you'll feel the stone's recharged energy waves in your hand. Then you know it's ready to go!

Peace, Calm, and Self Love are the healing properties of the Rose Quartz. Wear your pendant close to your heart, or if you're like me and have it loose, place it in your left bra cup...swear you won't feel a thing! And for subconscious effects, sleep with it in your pillow case to get those love inspired dreams. 

Keeping stones and crystals like these in your home, your car, your jewelry box, increases those feel good vibrations that are always surrounding us, and now you can bring them closer with these magnetic tools that mother nature has provided for us. 


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