Have a Fabu {Lash} Day!

Have a Fabu {Lash} Day!

t’s a devastating feeling after you’ve been hamming it up with your hot date in this sunshine filled season, and you wonder why he has such an entranced look on his face, studying your smile, freshly brightened after chewing Trident White. Or is it your hair? You did treat yourself to an extra deep condition today, maybe it’s those baby blues or baby browns…OH WAIT, it is your eyes…as he asks for another round of IPA, you slyly pop open your pocket mirror, only to reveal… RACCOON EYES! Oh how you wish the magic mascara fairy could flick her brushy wand and save you from the flaking and smudging of your mascara. Well your wish is my command! After intensive research, these top 3 will be revealed as the best mascara to give you the fullest, non-clumpy, non-flaky, most luscious lashes that you’ve ever set your eyes on…or anyone else for that matter.


1. Diorshow Waterproof Mascara:
The name describes it all. The most fashionable, the luxrurious,the adored. This mascara is worthy enough to be strutted and fluttered on the cat-walk. No flaking, no clumping, water resistant, and curls lashes for a super flashy look!


2. Lancome Definicils:
$27.50- Sephora.com
High definition mascara to a “T”! I like my boys how I like my mascara, tough as nails, dedicated, and with a hard core look. Just like super-hold hairspray, LD is the best way to go if you’re looking for the best in lengthening and long lasting. Lets just say, it can withstand any movie date involving a sappy tear-jerker. Some reviewers say it even lasts through sweaty hot flashes and 12 hour days!


3.Colorescience Mascara- Cry Me a River
$25.00- Dermstore.com
OK J.T., I’ll “cry you a river”, because with my awesome, clump-free, smear-resistant and waterproof formula mascara, I have no fears showing my emotions! Reviewers have said this mascara is great for sensitive eyes and contact wearers. So if you have sensitive skin around your eyes, this will be the first mascara you will find without petroleum products, which is one of the culprits for inflammation. Say hello to Colorescience!


To be honest, I never had really long lashes before. But I have been very successful in masking that with successful cosmetic tips handed-down from my mom. Also not to mention that my right eye is saggier than the other, due to a closed tear duct when I was a baby. Not to say that it's a traumatic issue, but just a quick fix with volume enhancing mascara definitely helps me look more awake. So I hope this helps. Any other questions I can answer, I would be more than happy to do the research!


English make-up artist Wayne Goss, creator and owner of the self-eponymous makeup brush line, shows us a new and improved way to apply mascara without the clump and without applying 5+ coats.



1. Eugéne Rimmel, a French perfumer and cosmetics inventor, created the first mascara in the 1830s! His invention became so popular that, the term “rimmel” translates to the word “mascara” in several languages, including French, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, and Arabic.

2. Many mascaras are made with an ingredient called guanine. The colorant comes from fish scales...that’s what gives mascara its shine!

3. Egyptians used kohl to darken their eyelashes, and they added honey and crocodile stool to keep this early version of mascara from running. (Thank goodness for modern day technology...gator stool?...um, no thanks).

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