When I started this blog I wanted to teach and create new ways of how to find your own creative way of developing your wardrobe. To create a unique polished you and taking your newself into the next journey, whether it's travel or a journey of self development. Hence: Venture-polish


Now, I'm proud to say I've stepped in a different direction, or actually landed there, and have found a project that inspires me most...helping those in need. After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands were devastatingly destroyed and the communities are still in the process of rebuilding after 11 months. I thought to myself if I can help my family and friends  in the recovery  process, in any way I could, I will do it. 

This in the meantime has helped me discover myself and my passions. Community. I love fashion, and with fashion, I was able to use my creativity and make pendants for charity. This started almost a year ago and with the generosity of others I was able to send care packages with proceeds from the necklaces. Now I'm offering to sell these pendants to the public to help the ongoing cause. 

The necklaces are made with quartz of various energies, mostly I loved using these stones to heal the chakra for many. I've even felt my healing within myself while in the process of making them. Which is why I love doing it so much and have continued to do so. There are 7 chakras-or energy wheels, that line the spine from tail to crown according to ancient yoga tradition. The focused Chakras I use are heart, splenic, and mind. 

I hope to answer any and all questions for anyone who would like to know more about these traditions and practices. Other than than, enjoy the shop and the reads, because there's more to come!

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