Fall Forward

Fall Forward

Bring it on Back!

I'm thinking of a time of Disco and Boogie Nights. Vintage rock in the background such as Stairway to Heaven, Diana Ross, and Pink Floyd (of course). Bold styles and creative flare... Have you guessed it yet? YES! The 70's! Ah... What an era. A revolving door of prime fashion that has been spinning back over and over again. Ok, so why the history lesson? Only to inform you, this Fall 2015 there's a better spin on savvy 70s wear without the flare!


Cape-ture the Moment

The 70s may be back, but don't go running to your mom's closet just yet! This Fall, 70s-style has a modern take on this classic decade. The most popular style? Capes. YES Capes! Now, before you picture yourself looking like Batman or Wonder Woman, hear me out. You're walking along the city sidewalk with a brisk breeze chasing you down, on your way to your favorite coffee shop with books and an IPad stuffed in your biggest designer handbag you had in your closet, and you thank the stars you have the coziest blanket- like cape enveloping you in a warm atmosphere that follows you wherever you go. Lord knows you're not about to feel the freezing embrace of Jack Frost on your hiney!! So take my advice, and invest in an elegant throw over cape that you can wear and add to any on-the-go outfit this season!

Fashion forward: The slender star stepped out in a grey suit with caped jacket earlier in ...




So Ladylike

Fashion icon Audrey Hepburn once said, " Elegance is the only beauty that never fades". That can reference many things, and so true in many ways. But what I'm thinking about are skirts! And not just any skirt, the midi skirt. A flawless 70s take on a casual classic. The kind that hugs at the hips and lets you feel free. No constriction. Can you imagine your strolls down the boulevard showing off this beauty in Sam Edelman booties? With a carefree thought that everything from your backside to your swaying hips look absolutely luxurious. Let the skirt do the talking, while you do the walking.

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