5 Ways To Wear A Cardigan

5 Ways To Wear A Cardigan

Picture this, you sashe your way through your favorite local shop, and as you browse and compare, you spot what has been luring your latest crave for this season’s Fall classic trend...

There it is, a lightweight cardigan. It’s that righteous fit that has a versatile way of wearing on your body with ease, to throw on or layer on top of an oversized tank and black skinnies.

Notice that with any heavy weight cardigan the fabric is too bulky, and you feel as though your fashion sense has gone from, “ I could pull this off”, to 80s grandpa style, slash, “Caddy Shack” look. But with my savvy styling help, the lightweight cardigan won’t be a bulking or overheating worry for you.


First and foremost, go for a fabric that is fabulous with intricate material, such as Pima cotton or linen, that has a luxurious feel yet thin enough to compliment your body and is heat resistant. Just remember, the thinner the better. Layering is key, so don’t be shy, put on that peacoat and pop the collar, or step out confident with a dressy version by throwing it over a midi dress. Go edgy- if your cardi has a hoodie, POP IT! Use the hood to your advantage, outside of a leather jacket is ideal for some “boyish” appeal.


Want to add some hips and curves to your look? You won’t go wrong wrapping a woven belt or roller buckle belt over your cardigan with a basic top and some dark denim or high waisted shorts. Speaking of waists. Flashback to blowed out hair and hairspray, bedazzled jean jackets and plaid, plaid, plaid. To get a cool 90s look, tie it around your waist with a button down midi dress.


This look is one of my many favorites of layering. Take a soft white or ivory collared long sleeve button down and put a cardigan over it. Pull the sleeves through just enough so you can see the cuffs. And poke out those cute little lapels and..voila! Now all you have to do is put on some high waisted culottes for a more european vibe!


Ok, hold on to your butts! I have been on the look out for more inventive ways to layer cardigans, and I have found a unique way that not only adds fashion trendiness to your wardrobe but allows you to get good use out of two pieces of outerwear at the same time! Get this…put a vest over your cardigan! Utility vests are the most casual and versatile way to dress it up or down. I have found that solid color vests are the best to pair up with printed or marled cardigans; and as I said before, the thinner the better with these guys.


All of these crop tops and nothing to wear them with! Do you ever have this problem? You feel as though whoever invented crop tops lived in a magical place where it was always sunny and 70 degrees…man I wish I was in California right now. Well not to worry, living in Texas has it’s advantages especially knowing how to utilize your leftover summer tops. You can put a cardigan with that! Yes, just think about it. If you have a long enough solid cardigan, about knee length, buttoned all the way, this pairs very creatively with a printed crop top and some skinny jeans! It leaves the curves and adds the best of both worlds to your outfit, casual and dressy! Perfect date wear if you ask me.

At the end of the day, it’s not about what you wear it with, it’s about HOW you wear it that counts. So go out there and wear it with confidence!
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